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Croptracker Modules





Create and access spray application records with ease –  record sprays and chemical usage by block or commodity, and analyze usage and costs over time.

Some examples of help topics include:

  • How to create a treatment template

  • How to record sprays and spray plans

  • Defining Pre-Harvest Interval (PHI) and Re-Entry Interval (REI)

Record your harvest and enhance traceability with block yield reports, inventory tracking, and product inventory.

Some examples of help topics include:

  • How to create and record a Harvest Event

  • Documenting piece rate

Track processing costs and inventory changes while packing.

Some examples of help topics include:

  • How to add a Product, Master style, Packing Inputs, and Pallets

  • How to handle multiple packlines within the Croptracker Packing module

  • Recording packing amounts and types of packing material used

When packing the harvest right in the field, track everything as you go. Print scannable tags for your market containers and pallets, enhance your traceability, and input piece rates.

Some examples of help topics include:

  • Setup instructions for recording field packs on mobile or desktop

  • Examples of field pack workflows (such as detailed, streamlined, and bulk checkout)

Track every task in every row, from pruning and mowing to thinning and wrapping. Track labor and equipment costs for production practices all across your orchard operation.

Some help topics include:

Maximize labor efficiency, make better decisions for your crew, and communicate together straight from your mobile devices. A connected team truly is a more productive one.

Some help topics include:

  • How to add employees and generate employee numbers

  • How to punch in and punch out workers

  • Defining pay rates

Keep precise records of what and exits your facility: view a dashboard of queued, loaded, and shipped orders and print shipping labels, shipping receipts, and waybills.

Some help topics include:

  • How to record shipments

  • How to ship pallets

  • Shipping harvest inventory

Keep precise records of what enters your facility. View incoming inventory in transit, and create links between received and processed product.

Some help topics include:

  • How to receive pallets

  • Receiving against an order

  • Transferring inventory

Maintain records of irrigation sources and permits, and increase water use efficiency.

Some help topics include:

  • How to add an irrigation site

  • How to record irrigation

  • Viewing irrigation site data

Let Croptracker keep track of your stored product so you don’t have to. Record storage stalls with aisle, row, and rack name; and view stored product details such as grade, quality, quantity, and location.

Some help topics include:

  • Recording storage inputs

  • Storing a harvest

The QC Module offers flexibility to capture quality information in whatever format is required. Verify standards with clear templates for accurate inspections.

Some examples of help topics include:

  • Adding inspection specs for QC Events

  • Creating an Inspection Template for QC Events

Harvest Quality Vision is Croptracker's "virtual pre-sorter". Scan bins for size distribution results within seconds, analyze data with robust reporting and integrate scan data with your broader traceability strategy.

Some examples of help topics include:

  • Best practices for scanning with HQV

  • How to create harvest classes and HQV Events

  • How to navigate reports

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